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Monday, September 11, 2006

Gaming During the Game

I wanted to get some gaming in this weekend, but with the opening of the NFL season, I found that I didn't want to be distracted by boardgaming while watching all the NFL games. Which is odd, because during some gaming events -- NFL as well as baseball and hockey -- I find myself flipping channels frequently. And not just during commercials.

There are lots of lulls in the action, even for a self-proclaimed sports fan like myself. These lulls seem custom made for gaming. But still, I find I get so wrapped up while gaming that I'll often miss those key bits I'd want to focus on if all my attention was on the television during the sports events.

Some sports lend themselves to radio. I think baseball is actually more engaging and spirited when broadcast on radio by a pair of experienced broadcasters. Their inflections and descriptions really add to the flair, and let me know when to focus my attention. For that, I don't mind boardgaming while listening, since I'll "look up" from the boardgame and focus on what's going on when their inflection tells me to.

What about you? Do you game while watching or listening to sports? Which sports and games lend themselves to this the best?


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