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Friday, September 15, 2006

Collection Composition >> How Has Your Collection Changed?

Over at BoardGameGeek, someone recently asked me a few interesting questions -- has my collection remained relatively balanced between new and old, or is it skewed heavily in one fashion or the other? How has my collection changed over the years?

That got me thinking.

My game collection has swollen, shrunk, then swollen again over the years. I used to be able to house all my games in our tiny little apartment in college -- in fact, all of them fit into four old computer boxes (Apple IIGS) stacked in the hall closet. Back then, I had maybe 60 games, but they got played heavily. After college, my collection was purged slightly for extra cash and to make it easier to relocate from Peoria, Illinois to St. Louis.

A few years ago, I tried working eBay full time by purchasing close out/going out of business lots and hard to find games then flipping them on eBay. I purged a few titles from my collection which I regret to this day (as many of you may have noticed in several of my GeekLists, such as Requiem for a Game >> Mourning the Greatest Loss of All ). But with the move into a house instead of an apartment, and my wife and I each working full-time, the collection has gone through another boom. In fact, I'd wager that nearly 2/3 of my entire current collection (hovering near 550 games) has been acquired within the last 2 years. It now spans two rooms in the basement, on 8 shelving units.

And that doesn't take into account all my role playing games -- I easily have as many RPG books, supplements, modules as I have boardgames. In fact, as much as I love boardgames, I'm an even bigger RPG fan. But the RPG hobby doesn't have the same sort of dynamic community, or ease of entry, as boardgaming. There's nothing on part with BoardGameGeek.com for us RPG fans.

What about you and your game collection? How has it changed over the years? Aside from the size of your collection, has the focus or composition changed?


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