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Friday, July 14, 2006

Addicted and Loving It.

I recently just picked up Kramer/Kiesling's Australia. I also picked up Britannia over lunch the other day, thinking it would be a good long conflict game in the vein of History of the World or Twilight Imperium. And I picked up 3 new Playroom games for Benjamin, two with color/pattern matching and one with counting. And 4 War of the Dragon Queen D&D Miniatures boosters. And some Navia Dratp Insurgence Boosters.

All this was on the heels of recently getting Alexander the Great, Hear n' Seek and 36 brand new RPG products (some new, stand along hardcover books, some supplements, etc) during the FLGS clearance sale -- all those books set me back a whopping $45. And then I picked up a few other indie design RPGs like Horror Rules , IMP and Never Look Behind.

Then I picked up some old school Dungens & Dragons modules and books from a co-worker... Tomb of Horrors, Quest to the Unknown, Castle Amber, Isle of Dread and lots of other goodies. About 30 old-school modules and a bunch of 2nd edition AD&D hardcover books.

Oh, and then I went ahead and ordered Antike, Fairy Tale, Hey! That's My Fish!, Masons, Parthenon (Rise of the Aegean), Ra, Santiago, StreetSoccer, Tempus and Turn the Tide because I'm a game whore.

This weekend, I'm picking up some new shelving for the basement, as my collection is already causing the current storage situation to burst at the seams. It's good to have a job again to feed the addiction.


  • I'll be interested in your thoughts on Alexander the Great and Parthenon. Had you played Tempus before, or are you just taking a chance with it?

    By Blogger ekted, at 9:36 AM  

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