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Saturday, July 22, 2006

60 hours and counting... Still no power

I have a brief moment as I log in from our in-laws' house in Iowa, almost 6 hours from home in St. Louis. Our power is still out, and it may not be restored until Monday, or even Tuesday. Very grim. Very disappointing.

And feeling very powerless to do anything about it.

As I mentioned before, at least our family is safe and our property is undamaged. Many folks in St. Louis can't say the same. But there is an oppressive feeling of powerlessness and uselessness. No matter how badly we want our power, and how badly we want things to go back to normal, we simply can't do anything about it. It's very unsettling.

Being cut off from the Internet and all our amenities is a real eye opener. Not just that it's easy to take things for granted, but it's startling to see just how much we've come to rely on technology and electricity for even the most mundane tasks. I don't even own a regular razor -- and without my electric razor, I've gotten pretty shaggy and scraggly. No washing or ironing clothes. No checking the internet for a recipe. No cooking. No quick email to keep in touch with family or friends.

It feels so. Primitive. It offers the briefest of glimpses of how the devastation around Louisiana must have made residents feel after hurricane Katrina. Or how beleaguered troops feel separated from their world as they fight in the Middle East. Or the victims of bombing and raids, reduced to scraping together what they can to survive. A startling realization.

Hopefully we'll have our power back soon, and our slice of life can return to normal. Or whatever passes for normal nowadays. But hopefully we won't slip back into our routines too comfortably and forget about those who have to live in those conditions every day of their lives.


  • Best of luck to you, your family, and your house. Looks like FEMA's on the way. Stay cool, stay safe.

    By Blogger ekted, at 11:57 AM  

  • Thanks for the well-wishing. We're still alive, but growing increasingly more frustrated as each service-less hour passes. 1 or 2 days and counting our blessings seemed sufficient to pass the time. Not so much anymore.

    By Blogger Jason Little, at 12:53 PM  

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