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Monday, July 24, 2006

118 Hours and Counting... Still no power

This is just getting ridiculous. Even St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay is getting fed up with Ameren's (the utility company) inability to provide information on when power might be restored.

Then today they release information stating that they're finally "down to" only 230,000 people without power. At one point they reported that 1.1 million of Ameren's 2.3 million customers lost power at some point from the storms Wednesday and again on Friday. So from that regard, down to 230,000 customers w/o power seems like an improvement. But frighteningly enough, that's still more than the previous high for customers w/o power at a time, set last year.

The latest estimate is that we'll have power "by the end of the day Wednesday" which would mark a full week without power. Crud.

At least we had a brief respite over the weekend, traveling up to Iowa to visit Trish's folks. And I got a little bit of gaming in. So despite the depressing site of our entire neighborhood still sans power when we rolled back into St. Louis Sunday night at 9: 30 PM, at least the weekend wasn't a total waste.

It was nice and cool in Iowa, and we got to see our niece and nephew, which is always a treat. I played 3 games of Hey! That's My Fish!, I won a close 5-player game of Wizard, and Trish and I got mightily thumped at Rook by the inlaws. Benjamin also got to play Catch the Match and Sherlock with Grandma and Grandpa, so he was happy, if a bit cranky during the 6+ hour drive back home.

I so can't wait for power. To celebrate when our power finally does come back on, I'm going to make some Jell-O, and fall asleep in front of the TV watching old re-runs of Law & Order. That sounds absolutely divine right about now.


  • Jay

    Sorry to hear your power is still out. Hopefully you'll be back in bizness soon.

    By Blogger DStephens, at 9:26 AM  

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