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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Publishing Daydream >> What Would You Do?

I found myself lying awake last night, as I often do, thinking about games. But instead of existing games, I kept thinking about stuff that isn't even real... yet.

As a dabbler in game design (with aspirations of some of my designs getting a closer look and consideration by publishers), I often wax philosophic about games. What makes a good game? What games am I missing from my collection? How would I tweak game X to make it better?

But last night, for whatever reason, I had greater delusions of grandeur. If I won the lottery, quit my day job, what would I do? Without reservation, I can tell you I would form my own publishing company and publish boardgames.

But what would I publish? Sure, I'd get some of my current designs out there, but there's always that Next Great Thing lurking on the gaming horizon. I'd surround myself with equally energetic, creative and enthusiastic people and work with them to develop that very game.

I think there are a lot of great opportunities to develop games rich in theme, nuanced in strategy and rewarding in gameplay experience. With captivating art, incredible components and limitless replay value. The trick is finding that opportunity.

What theme would you choose? What game design dream would you pursue? What would be your ultimate contribution to the gaming hobby?


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