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Thinking Out Loud

Monday, June 12, 2006

Expense Account >> Viewing Expenses in Games Paid

I've often evaluated my spending habits to see if I might need to curb my rampant game purchasing. Then I've just as often discarded the ridiculous notion. I don't need to change my game buying habits -- but rather adjust the other parts of my life to better support my spending sprees. I tend to view nearly every non-gaming purchase I make as money spent on something less important than games. And not necessarily in abstract ways. I find myself waxing over games that could have been, if certain other expenses hadn't gotten in the way.

It is a slippery slope. For me.

Case in point -- My wife and I went out to dinner and then to see X-Men 3 for our anniversary. Dinner was $36, the movie was $18. Grand total: $54... Of course, in my mind, that came down to passing on my very own copy of Crusader Rex from Time Well Spent @ $44 + $7.16 ... $52.11 -- with enough left over to get a Snickers bar or two.

Funny thing, though... When I told my wife I treasured our special night out together as much as getting a new-in-shrink copy of Crusader Rex, she didn't seem overly impressed.

Our son Ben ran out of diapers the other day, and I needed to pick some up for both his daycare and at home. We usually go with Huggies or the store brand, as they work and are far, far less expensive than Pampers. Unfortunately, they were completely out of stock of his size in everything but Pampers -- and only had the super mega size -- which cost $19, or $7 more than the store brand for the same size.

So as I'm in the checkout lane, I'm gritting my teeth, thinking "Dammit, I could have gotten a copy of Mu & Mehr from the BGG marketplace for that!"

... And it just keeps going from there. You can read more about my financial fixation on games on my latest GeekList over on BGG.


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