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Friday, June 30, 2006

88,000 Words and 18 Months Later...

(88,000 words and 18 months ago) ... Cool, you want me to work on a big Dungeons & Dragons module for GenCon 2005? Sure -- I can do that! This'll be neat!

(80,000 words and 10 months later) ... Whew. That was tough. Now to incorporate all that post-GenCon feedback. Will this thing ever get done? Who is doing interior art? Will we have room for this other stuff? Eegads this thing is enormous.

(June 29, 2006, 4:30 PM CST) I see a brown box on the doorstep when I pull in. My mind reels. Did I order a game? Am I expecting a trade from BoardGameGeek? Looking at the return label, it's from some printer in Minnesota. Still puzzled.

(June 29, 2006, 4:35 PM CST) They're here! They're here! A utility knife and a few shredded bits of tape later, I'm clutching 5 brand new, gorgeous copies of Vault of the Dragon Kings, more than 18 months in the making. I spent all night oggling them, clutching them protectively, and drooling. They look AWESOME, and I'm thrilled with the interior art. Oh, let me tell you though, despite all the hard work, the crazy weekends, the surly playtesters, the hectic tournament and the ever-present edits and updates -- it is ALL WORTH IT!!! The module is eye-achingly beautiful, featuring a great cover painting by Erol Otus, and back panel by Jeff Dee, big names in the classic D&D art world. The interior illustrations are superb, and the book weighs in at a whopping 128 pages.


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