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Saturday, May 20, 2006

BoardGameGeek >> The Game!

Ok, you heard it here first (or over on BGG a while ago as I was first flirting with the idea). Among my midnight musings and insomnia-inspired idlings, I have been noodling around with a new game concept -- BoardGameGeek: The Game. Players all start as new users. The goal is to be the first one to earn 50 GG to purchase their Avatar.

Actions include posting photos, reviews, player aids & session reports for direct GG, or writing to the forums, creating geeklists, logging games played, entering your game collection and adding comments to other posts to earn Reputation. The higher a player's reputation, the more likely their content will earn bonus GG via tips, or get special action cards/favors to reflect the GeekBuddy analysis/interest/community angle.

The different options take up different amounts of time (ie, Action Points) and some are synergistic. If you spend APs to write a review of Tigris & Euphrates, it costs less to also write a session report for the same game in the same turn. But different game categories are "hot" at different times -- so you may be spending actions on a genre that won't get as many visitors/page views/exposure as others.

Random events would crop up to incorporate BGG-isms and personalities -- Server Down (fewer AP to spend), Sisteray Poo-Poos a Popular Game (driving that game genre's interest up), Tom Vasel Posts a New Review (lowering exposure to any reviews written for the same game by other players), Greg Schloesser Posts A New Session Report (ie, Tom Vasel effect, but for SRs), New Titles Announced for Essen (increasing popularity of those genres).

I've got about 4 or 5 pages of notes typed out already... I just don't know if I'll take the time to refine it and make a playable version just for personal/goof-off use (or possibly for the next Geekway to the West?)...

Does that make me pathetic? Or just cement my position as a Geek forever and ever and ever?


  • Sounds like fun. I've also thought about it, as I'm sure others have, but I haven't seen one fully fleshed out, yet. Let's see a first version.


    By Blogger Yehuda, at 2:24 PM  

  • I like the sound of it but what happens if you try to post a session report of Amun-Re? Does Joe Gola get extra points because someone new will see HIS session report? :)

    By Blogger sodaklady, at 8:12 AM  

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