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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Geekway to the West >> The Final Countdown

The Geekway is now only a week away (less, considering the "Old School" gaming being held Friday for last year's attendees, this year's volunteers and the out-of-towners). I'm pleased as punch by the expected turnout -- somewhere between 50-60 pre-registered gamers should be showing up Saturday, over the course of our 15 hour game-a-thon.

I'm also pleased by the number of volunteers who have stepped forward to run a slot or two of some introductory games. Since there's such a wide cross-section of gamers coming (in terms of experience, preferred types of games, etc) I really wanted to provide the opportunity for folks to take some games for a "test drive" -- especially games they may not otherwise get a chance to play. So folks stepped up to run sessions of Wallenstein, Reef Encounter, Caylus, Age of Steam and lots of other games. Some folks are also going to be running some large-scale events and game prototypes, which should be exciting.

And while we're no Gathering of Friends, we're no slouches, either. Some of my game industry contacts have been very good to us. Between their generosity, a modest budget based on registration fees and attendee donations, we'll have more than 50 games to use as Attendance Prizes and to seed the Swap Table. Great, great stuff.

Here's a photo of just some of the donated games -- I've still got more to sift through, catalog, etc. Some great stuff in there.

We'll be taking plenty of photos of games in progress and chronicling our games played, hopefully via session reports, reviews and the like. We're strongly encouraging attendees to actively participate in BoardGameGeek after the event to detail their experiences and thoughts on all the games -- the more information we get out there about the Geekway, the better the event will get every year (in terms of attracting new attendees and generating donations/interest from publishers).

My personal goal is to grow the Geekway to the West where it becomes a "must attend" event every year for those who are passionate about the hobby, while keeping it casual, friendly and affordable. And if you're not able to join us this spring for Geekway to the West, hopefully you'll be one of the folks we'll get to game with at a future Geekway.

Keep gaming!


  • It sounds like you've done a wonderful job putting this together, Jason. I wish you much luck that it all goes smoothly.

    By Blogger sodaklady, at 5:53 PM  

  • Thanks, Mary -- I appreciate it. It's been a real labor of love. Hopefully one day you'll be able to join us for a Geekway... St. Louis is beautiful this time of year.... :)

    By Blogger Jason Little, at 6:09 PM  

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