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Thinking Out Loud

Saturday, March 25, 2006

V for Vendetta is D for Disappointing

If any of you had been considering seeing V for Vendetta -- don’t bother, it's C for Crap. It's the first time Trish and I have been able to go out together and see a movie in 4 months or so, and it was A for Awful.

The plot was M for Mediocre, and Hugo Weaving as Vendetta was P for Passable, as he's very good at the cultured, metered monologues. But there were far too many of these P for Pedantic monologues, delivered in a D for Dry manner. The action scenes were A for Adequate but were few and far between.

Natalie Portman was U for Uninspired, but this was her best work in quite some time. The whole unveiling of the plot was P for Predictable, while still offering enough conflicting and confusing twists to turn a C for Clever concept into a J for Joke.

Save your M for Money and steer clear of V for Vendetta. The best thing about the movie was the trailer for X-Men III.


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