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Monday, December 26, 2005

Whaddya' Get? Whaddya' Get?

So what gaming hauls did y'all rake in this holiday season?

Trish got me Red Hot Yott, a Yahtzee variant... While it's hardly a strategic or deep game, Yahtzee and Cribbage both have a special place in our relationship, as the two main games we played while dating, and subsequently in the earliest years of our marriage before being exposed (converted?) to Euro/designer games.

If you count trades and purchases monitored and approved by my wife (just as good as getting one all wrapped up, if you ask me), I also acquired Attika and Caylus. Caylus was a real find and I can't wait to get it to the table!

The belle of the ball, though, has to be the massive 500 page Game of Thrones RPG book. While it's a role playing game and not a boardgame, we're both huuuuuge fanes of the George R.R. Martin fantasy series, and the book has approved background and historical content for the GRRM novel settings -- making it a great read as well as a very interesting RPG game setting.

That's pretty much it. But my birthday is next week (Jan 2) and I've been told I have to wait "all the way 'til next year" to get more games. I'm hoping Santiago, Schotten-Totten, Tower of Babel or Traumfabrik might be in the mix...


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