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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Additional Holiday Swag

Aside from things brought by Santa himself (cleverly disguised as my wife) or acquired immediately before Xmas, I also scored some additional Xmas/Birthday swag (my birthday is Jan 2nd, so we usually split the difference for gift giving). Clix, a local hobby shop in St. Louis (the only one that actually stocks euro/designer games first and foremost instead of comics or CCGs) had a huge sale -- nearly everything was 25% off, with an added 10% off for my frequent buyer card.

I'm sooo glad I took the time to drive out there"just in case" (it's about a 35 minute drive). As you can see, it was WELL worth it. Today I snagged:

- San Juan
- Coloretto
- Buyword
- Pass the Pigs
- RK's Poison
- Siena

All at 35% off retail. I only stopped my shopping and cut the list short because my son (not quite 3 yet) was VERY insistent that we leave the store immediately. Otherwise, I may have snagged even more!

So far, Poison is a nice, fun card diversion, and I'm really glad to finally get a copy of Buyword and Coloretto. Siena is a beautiful looking game with some real promise, but has some of the most horribly written rules I have ever read (and I muddled through Time Control). Extremely confusing, and the board, though beautiful, is confounding, as the board is merely a large painting, with no visual boundaries for the various regions where gameplay actions take place. Hopefully the gameplay is worth the annoyance, as there's a glitter of promise underneath.


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