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Friday, November 18, 2005

Stuff n' Junk n' Things >> A Look at the Last Week

This past week has been pretty hectic. Just wrapped up the most recent medical study I was participating in, finished revising all the game materials for the prototype based on last week's playtests and fended off the flu. An exhausting, and only moderately productive, week.

I haven't gotten much gaming in over the last few weeks -- a short night of Tichu last week, a few games of Monkey Madness with my toddler, and some time grinding away on World of Warcraft. This week, there was also a brief appearance at Wednesday night's Boardgame Meetup Group. A fellow BGG Geek, Joel Glidden from Arkansas, was in St. Louis for business, and I was happy to help set up some gaming for him at the meetup while he was here. We played a few games of Tsuro (which I'm actually quite fond of for the 10 minute time killer that it is -- and it plays well with 3, 4 and 6!) an overly-long game of Cartagena then quick games of For Sale and Metro.

But my gaming fortunes look pretty good for the coming weeks. Friday night and Saturday night I'm going to get some more playtesting in for my prototype, and hope to get a bit of additional gaming in, as well... Perhaps Age of Steam or Ra (both of which I've promised I would give another chance to), Amun-Re, El Grande, Alexandros... Heck, at this point I really don't care, I just wanna' game!

Then next week marks the return of the D&D Campaign that MUKid from BGG has been running. It's a great campaign set in Eberron with some interesting military and political wrinkles -- and I'm really looking forward to getting to roleplay again after nearly 2 months without any RPG gaming!! I'm dying to run some games myself, especially Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands, Little Fears or the new edition of Warhammer FRPG, but it's been tough to find the time and players.

The real bright spot over the last week has been getting to read! While locked away in the medical study over the weekend, I churned through the first 400 pages of George R.R. Martin's Feast for Crows, the 4th book in the Song of Ice and Fire series (re: A Game of Thrones). I finished the rest of the book in the following two days, which for me is a Herculean feat -- it took me 2 years to finish Lord of Chaos (Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time book 5? 6?). I'm a notoriously slow reader, and often am only a quarter of the way through a book by the time my wife's finished reading it and moved on to the next. It's crazy to be all done, dying to talk about what happened in Feast of Crows, while she's still reading the first chapter!


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