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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tsuro >> First Impressions

I just picked up the boardgame Tsuro by WizKids. It's the first non-collectable game from the company that brought us Mage Knight, HeroClix, Pirates of the Spanish Main and MLB SportsClix. As a former WizKids employee and big fan of their games, I was really excited to hear about this game earlier in the year, and was disappointed when it wasn't available at GenCon in August.

After getting my copy and opening it up, all I can say is that my first impression is very, very positive. The game components, artwork, tiles and rules all evoke the same initial feeling -- a feeling of elegance. I love the art style, color scheme and the very cool little touches, like the way the rules fold out and the fonts used.

The rules are simple and the game appears to be a solid, easily accessible abstract strategy game. The entire rules fit on a single side of a roughly legal-sized sheet of paper, with nice formatting and illustrations/examples. I've yet to play it, but hope to soon -- Tsuro looks to offer a nice blend of light tile placement strategies, as you place tiles and move your piece along the paths created, trying to avoid a path that leads to the edge of the board for as long as possible.

I hope to get this to the table this week, and will jot down additional comments afterward. But so far, I've got high hopes for WizKids' interesting new game -- and hope they'll continue to devote time and resources to non collectable products.


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