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Monday, September 12, 2005

Design Block -- Augh!!

Ok, so finally one of the meetings from GenCon has come to fruition. I just finished hammering out the details for a game design for an established publisher who was looking for someone with eurogame experience to apply to a very niche game type. He liked my D&D writing and content, the work experience I had with WizKids, and was able to learn more about me from my BoardGameGeek profile, GeekLists and articles.

So I sat down to start drafting a concept proposal for the game, detailing the high level mechanics, design goals, components list and brainstorming a few nuances and ideas that would be developed into the core game model.

And then I got up. And watched TV for a bit. Then I logged on and squidded for a while, playing World of Warcraft. Then I sat down again, determined to get some work done. Then I started browsing eBay. Then I played around with the new digital camera.

Hmmm... All those ideas that had kept me up the night before had evaporated! Poof! They were gone. Well, unfortunatly, still are gone. Now the only thing rattling around inside my head is the sound of crickets chirping.

The well is dry.

Three days have passed, in pretty much the same fashion. I have a few comments, a few scribbled notes. But something is missing. Partly inspiration, partly energy, partly the creative epiphany that triggers the furious flurry of writing and developing gameplay concepts.

The longer this block has gone on, the harder it's been to sleep... and the harder it's been to try to force myself to work through it. Hopefully this won't last much longer, or an interesting concept will suddenly pop into my head, dislodging the design block and letting loose the flood of pent-up ideas!


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