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Monday, August 01, 2005

Geekway to the West - The Photos

Here are the rest of the photos, courtesy of Topdecker, from the Geekway to the West. Oh, how I wish I had taken more photos!

Age of Steam, featuring (from left to right): MUKid/Jay Moore (mostly hidden), Astroglide/Justin H, Cornjob/Chester Ogborn (teaching the rules), Armadi/Michael Silbey, Cbdarden/Chris Darden, Yayforme/Trey Dembski

Amun-Re featuring (from left to right): Chaddyboy_2000/Chad Krizan, Phil Ruffus, Jpact/Jim Paprocki (at rear of table), Alfredhw/Alfred Wallace (great shot of the back of his head) and Giant Robot/Ron Stuckel.

Outdoor Group Shot 2, featuring (left to right): Giant Robot/Ron Stuckel, MUKid/Jay Moore, JPact/Jim Paprocki, Chaddyboy_2000/Chad Krizan, Ynnen/Jay Little (me - I told you I wasn't that short), Cornjob/Chester Ogborn, Armadi/Michael Silbey, Astroglide/Justin H, Alfredhw/Alfred Wallace, Hibikir/Jorge Montero, Cbdarden/Chris Darden, Yayforme/Trey Dembski, Phil Ruffus.... DeiTass, SpacerX, Topdecker & Mrb88 are the only ones missing, I think.


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