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Friday, July 08, 2005

Z-Man Games "Monster" Submission Contest

I finally de-lurked over at the Board Game Designer's Forum and officially registered. Glad I did, too, as there has been a lot of good information and generally friendly folks to help answer questions. The most pleasant surprise has been learning more about a contest Zev Shlasinger from Z-Man Games is holding for members of BGDF -- an opportunity to get a concept published by Z-man Games by submitting your best monster game design.

How cool is that? Very.

I was pretty stoked, as I've had a game sitting around since about the time I left Wiz Kids -- I lost my muse at the time, and it sat idle for nearly two years. This contest was just what I needed to spark my imagination and renew my interest in developing the game further. I now have what I consider to be a strong game ready to be prototyped, which I'm hoping will catch Zev's eye. Without tipping my hand too much, here's the overview teaser from my game synopsis:

A Night To Kill

All the monsters from legend and lore are out and about for a night of mayhem and destruction! Mummies, Werewolves, Mad Scientists and even mighty Dracula himself stalk the poor unsuspecting towns, leaving a pile of bodies in their wake. The Horde of monsters moves from town to town, claiming victims as they go. The player who claims the most victims by daybreak wins the game. A Night to Kill is a card game for 3-6 players, playable in 30-60 minutes (assume about 10 minutes per player). First time set up and reading the rules takes only 5-10 minutes.


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