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Friday, July 29, 2005

Geekway to the West - Day 1 - The Wait

A while ago, a few of my BoardGameGeek.com friends (or "GeekBuddies" as they're referred to on BGG) decided that it would be awfully fun to try and host a gaming weekend somewhere in the midwest, hoping that several folks could attend and meet some more avid gamers from the 'Geek. After discussing logistics with my wife, I offered to host the get together, which was eventually dubbed Geekway to the West by my GeekBuddy Chester (cornjob).

And lo, after several weeks of planning, cleaning, re-arranging, daydreaming, more cleaning, painting, trash hauling and even more cleaning, Geekway to the West has arrived. Folks should start arriving today between 2-3 pm, with hot dogs and brats on the grill around 6 pm. Tonight will be a casual, social affair (although I'm sure some gaming will take place) as we kibitz and plan on what big games we want to arrange for tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to El Grande, Cosmic Encounter (the Mayfair Edition, that is), die Macher and a few other games -- as well as meeting some people face-to-face whom I've only known via BoardGameGeek.com.

I'll post more information later, and hopefully a summary of who was able to attend and what games we ended up playing. But for posterity's sake, here are all the folks I invited. After the RSVPs and last minute changes, I'm hoping to see 15-18 or so of my GeekBuddies attend.

The invitees (BGG nics): alfredhw, armadi, astroglide, cbdarden, chaddyboy_2000, cornjob, DeiTass, geoffm74, GreatWolf, hibikir, jpact, Linnaeus, Malachi, MUKid, Ron Stuckel, scribidinus, skelebone, spacerx, TedTorgerson, telan, topdecker, verkisto, yayforme, zambo and a half dozen others I can't think of off the top of my head.

Wish us luck! Now -- off for one last round of cleaning, then time to set up the tables and chairs!


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