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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Geekway to the West - Day 1 - The Arrival

Things went very well Friday afternoon/evening, and I couldn't be more excited about what the rest of Saturday will bring.

Alfred (alfredhw) arrived first, and we chatted and played a few hands of Phoenix until Jim (jpact) and his friend Matt (bgg nic?) arrived, followed shortly thereafter by Jorge (hibikir), Eva (DeiTass) and Chris (spacerx). We kibitzed and talked about games ad nauseum while grilling brats. Soon Trey (yayforme) and Michael (armadi) showed up and we ate and talked about games, gaming and BoardGameGeek.com.

Just as we put everything away -- literally, I had just closed the fridge after putting the leftover brats away -- Chad (chaddyboy_2000) showed up from KC. He was able to get here earlier than expected, and chowed down one of the last brats. Then we headed downstairs for some gaming and more chatting.

Trey, Michael, Jim and Matt played a game of Evo, in which Trey managed to somehow eliminate himself about 1/2 way through the game, despite the incredibly difficult odds of doing so. Alfred, Eva, Jorge, Chad, Chris and myself grabbed Formula De and ran a quick 2-lap race on the Monaco circuit. It was Chris' first game, but the game went smoothly. I was a bit distracted playing good host, and the group had to take my turn for me a few times -- odd how I went into that 3-stop turn in 6th gear, but go figure! :)

Chester (cornjob) showed up a bit later, with a box full of games and some extra chairs and tables. Chester joined the Evo-group and taught them Union Pacific. The game ended up taking quite a while, from what I gather, from teaching newbies and a few unclear rules explanations. The rest of us grabbed For Sale, looking for a quick, breezy filler, and went upstairs for a few hands. The stars and planets briefly aligned, and I won the first game handily (snatching a very high check with my lowest card at the time - a 14 - when everyone else assumed a high card was going to grab it anyway) but was brought back down to earth the second game.

We wrapped up our games early and sat around chatting and planning what we wanted to play Saturday. I finally ended up kicking everyone out around 10:45 -- or at least, that's when the first warning went out. Chester set up die Macher for play first thing in the morning, and a few others started picking and choosing what they wanted to do Saturday. Finally by 11:30 folks trickled out and I finally got some sleep.

Up bright and early at 7 AM Saturday, and eager to get a full day of gaming in! I'll post how our Saturday session went, with a complete roster of attendees, and hopefully games and high points, later. Cheers!


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