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Thursday, June 23, 2005

RPG Tidbits

I've been quite busy this week working on several roleplaying game writing assignments for Goodman Games. The main focus has been on the upcoming 2005 Gen Con Dungeon Crawl Classics Tournament module, The Vault of the Dragon Kings. I've finished editing the first 2 chapters, and started working on the third. I've also finished inking and editing the last of 9 player handouts I drew for the module. They're good enough for the time crunch before GenCon, and I'm hoping they'll be good enough for the final product, too. That would be very fulfilling.

I've also gotten a PDF proof of the upcoming 3.5 Wizard Strategy Guide, a power gamer's "cheat book" project that's coming out soon. I was the project lead, and got to work with some very talented writers, Glyn Dewey and Anthony Pryor. It's definitely a min/maxer's dream come true, which is ironic, since as a DM, I abhor that sort of player. But Joseph made a compelling argument that as such a DM, I certainly knew the sorts of things that irked me about powergaming, so what better point of view to write from? Aside from managing the writing assignments, I also wrote a good portion of the book, which was a lot of fun. It should be out in time for GenCon, and I can't wait to hold a copy in my hands!

GenCon is going to be a very busy convention for me. Aside from running several sessions of Vault of the Dragon Kings, it looks like I'll also be running a panel of celebrity D&D players through an unusual module I'm writing -- an adaptation of an adventure from the script of an upcoming movie. Some liberties had to be taken, certainly, but it's pretty neat to be working on a module based on the module that's appearing in a movie. Tres cool.

I'm also trying to wrap up production on my first complete indie RPG design project, codename PoD for the time being (an acronym for the full title). And as most indie RPG developers like to think, PoD has some really innovative concepts and mechanics. It is designed to capture the feel of high drama, over the top action and mystic intrigues. I'm really proud of what I've accomplished so far, and am trying to decide if I should simply prepare it as a PDF webbook, or go whole hog and secure some freelancers for illustrations and try to make a small print run of a physical book. Tough call.


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