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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Getting Back Into BSW

After a lengthy self-imposed exile to BrettSpielWelt (the excellent online boardgaming community/interface commonly referred to as BSW) I've finally started logging back in from time to time for some games, and have been pleasantly surprised.

I cut back my time on BSW back in January as I was getting increasingly frustrated with the rudeness, childish behavior and lack of BSW members willing to take the time to teach a non-German speaker some of the trickier game interfaces. I'm glad I finally logged back in, as things seem to have improved considerably.

First, there is an excellent online implementation of Einfach Genial, or Ingenious here in the states, fast becoming one of my favorite abstract games, as it scales remarkably well from 2 to 4 players. I had played 3 or 4 games face-to-face, and the interface on BSW was very easy to pick up, so I've been able to play more regularly.

The other pleasant surprise has been the friendly community members I've encountered. Aside from some very friendly German and other European players willing to "put up with" an English-only speaking player, I've run into quite a few of my BoardGameGeek "GeekBuddies" while on BSW -- offering a great opportunity to virtually meet and interact with folks whose gaming interests and attitudes are similar to mine.

Within 15 minutes of logging into BSW last night, Linnaeus (Gerald Cameron), GreatWolf (Seth Ben-Ezra) and Zambo (Steve Zamborsky) all dropped me a line. Linnaeus welcomed me back into the BSW fold and we chatted briefly about boardgames and RPGS, before he had to check out for the evening. Zambo strolled by a game to just say 'hi' and we chatted about a game prototype he's been working on. GreatWolf joined me for a few games of Ingenious while we talked about one of our other great passions -- indie RPG design. It was a great evening, and I got to spend some e-time with some e-friends I wouldn't otherwise have the chance to interact with.

If this is a good example of what can be expected on BSW nowadays, I'll definitely be spending more time online with some of my GeekBuddies, getting more gaming in!


  • That was your first night back on BSW? Wow. Great timing that I found you, then. I was just looking to find out a little more about Ingenious, and you were the only ones playing at the time. I'm looking forward to seeing you around.

    By Blogger Seth Ben-Ezra, at 10:35 AM  

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