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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Game Session Recap for 6/30/05

I'll update this in the morning, but just got back from the St. Louis Boardgame Meetup at Borders. Got to play a lot of good games with a lot of nice folks.

Mystery of the Missing Trey Solved!

I was confused yesterday why Michael Silbey (armadi) and Chris Darden (cbdarden) were calling the other guy we were playing with Trey... For some reason, I had thought he was yayforme from BoardGameGeek, and I thought that guy's real name was Steve or something. Well, mystery solved. I found out his real name is Stephan Dembski, III, so "Trey" is his nickname... Duh on me.

Yet another BGG member met!

I was pleased to run into another BGG user at the Meetup, Chris Schott, perhaps better known as spacerx on the 'Geek. He has far more color (and is much taller) than his current avatar might suggest. It's always nice to meet my fellow BGG enthusiasts, especially articulate folks who don't troll for flamewars with their posts :)

On to the games!

More details later, but here's the run down of games played:

Alfred Wallace and me
Alfred won 8-7

Alfred Wallace, Chris Scott and me
I won 6-5-4

Chris Darden, Trey Dembski, Nancy (lastname?) and me
I was 2nd: 36, 24, 18, 17 or something like that

Chris Darden, Trey Dembski, Chris Schott, Nancy (lastname?) and me
I was 4th: 77-72-68-56-54 or something like that

Chester Ogborn, Alfred Wallace, Jorge Montero and me
I was dead last: A bazillion, bazillion -1, bazillion -10, and about 24

I really liked the game, but we made a few mistakes. We missed not one, not two, not even three, but four -- count 'em four-- important rules that would have made a difference in the game.
1) Not taking 3 from the bank when playing your -3 card for the tribute (which was easily rectified)
2) That you keep your -3 card instead of use n' lose (also easily fixed)
3) That the largest pyramid bonuses were scored for each side of the nile, not only on one side or the other (which we didn't retroactively change, thankfully, or I'd have been even further behind)
4) That you can trade in a power card for 1 gold at any time (crucial, as it would have allowed me to offer tributes instead of the -3 card several times, and benefit from the extra boons granted by Ra).

Unpublished Prototype - Defender of the Realm
Chester Ogborn, Alfred Wallace, Jorge Montero, Eva Crespo and me
I was 3rd: 32-31-30-24-20

It was great to be able to try this prototype out. Aside from one glaring poor decision with a scoring mechanic (which was apparent once we played, but I had no inkling of when running through the mechanics in my mind or editing the rules), I was very pleased with how this turned out, and hope it goes over well when I showcase the game at GenCon.


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